About Us

Our Mission

We help middle & low income households get sustainable access to food, grocery and household essentials.

The simple truth is that access to healthy, nutritious food on a regular basis is not possible for more than 80% of households in Africa, with over 39% of households facing severe inadequate access to food, and up to 49% of households not getting diversity in their diets, while a third of food produced ending in waste bins. At Ayazona, we are challenging that.

Local farmers help us provide the freshest produce and ensure short supply chains while supporting local communities.

Partnering with brands from each city we operate in helps us meet the taste of local communities and get beloved brands the attention they deserve.

Through Ignite Labs, we are using data and Machine Learning to put together a complete week-long grocery and essentials kit working with a budget of as low as KES 1,000 per household.

With compact and strategically located micro fulfilment centers, helps reduced operaton costs that was traditionally used for supermarkets.

Our Team

Ayazona is being built by a passionate team of engineers, designers, and growth specialists, headquartered in Nairobi. The company was founded by Samson Larsson in 2019, who was later joined by a young, vibrant and creative team always eager to make a lasting impact.

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Where households in Africa get affordable fresh food and grocery delivery in minutes.

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