Boosting retail sales with Ayazona Essentials

Dec 5, 2021 • 1 MIN READ

Retailers and common household brands can now add another avenue for growth by offering retail products to customers through Ayazona Essentials.

Essentials, Ayazona’s new household essentials store platform, offers household essentials and common household items delivered to customers’ doorsteps, and via the weekly household kits delivered to our low-income household customers.

How Ayazona Essentials will increase your customers through our online, on-demand grocery store

  1. You'll be able to unlock new revenue streams to help your business grow incremental sales with a low-investment business strategy, while directly reaching customers without paying extra fees.
  2. You'll be able to reach customers beyond your neighbourhood by expanding your reach through our growing network of Ayazona Essentials’ locations.
  3. Boost your product brand awareness by attracting new customers with exclusive promotional opportunities.
  4. You can opt to use your own delivery fleet to fulfil the orders, so there’s no need to partner with Ayazona Fleet. Plus, you’re in control of delivery fees and zones.

How to get started

  1. Contact us and tell us basic information about your retail products.
  2. Our Essentials and Fresh inventory and assortment team will review your submission.
  3. If there is a fit(based on base product pricing), we’ll work to get your products into Ayazona Essentials and to the customers.

Learn more how your retail products will help boost our food for every one project below;

Ignite Labs • Ayazona
With Ignite Labs, you can help us transform the way food is consumed by avoiding food wastes in cities across Africa

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