It's official, we have closed our funding round.

Nov 2, 2021 • 4 MIN READ


I am Samson from Ayazona currently serving as the Head of Product, not that titles mean anything in this environment, but we need them when representation our team out here 😊.

Keeping it fresh and moving

I couldn't help but share with you this milestone of our journey. Where to start🤔? ...for the most part, there are always two types of eureka moment experiences; one where you discover how to solve a problem you've been troubleshooting for ages, just to realize that the solution has been right in front of you all along, and the second, which I find to be more elevating than anything I have ever experienced before in my life, that moment when finding the solution also changes who you are as an individual.

Like any other story that has ever been told, I want to take you back to day one of Ayazona, simply put I didn't know what to expect when I first set out to do this, neither did I know what it would look like, or what it would take(I miscalculated this one by aaalot). I did have something though at the beginning, something I am proud to say that we still share in common today here at Ayazona, and that's the mission, what you would call the why, that one thing that keeps you glued together as a team, no matter what.

I really feel lucky to have had this opportunity and voice to be here where I am right now. I have met, shared, worked with and learnt from some of the most brilliant minds out there, an experience I would never have had had I not taken this path despite the painful and difficult moments we endured. But there is one thing that I am even more thankful for, the mistakes and setbacks. I did make my fair share of these, that's for sure and I am really glad I did, 'cause they paved the way to who I am today as I write this. It's often hard when you're focussing on the day-to-day in the business to admit that what you thought was right becomes wrong. For example, in the early days, we put a great amount of time and effort into the restaurant business, which was not bringing us any closer to our company goals, a decision that had we not taken forever to make, would have seen us through a different growth pattern. On the bright side, it brought us a fair amount of traffic and revenue, not to mention the amount of food we rescued, which was great, but we were missing out on something very important.

Simply put, there is so much that happened between day zero and today, some incidences not even remotely imaginable, some hilariously funny. The one thing that I can share with you about this whole experience is that, once you make the decision that you wanna go swimming in the ocean, you have to also think like the wildest swimmers present and known to man in the waters, not to become them, but to plan and know how to protect your "school".

So, the reason why I am writing this today, is because Techtober marked a big milestone for us here at Ayazona, it was the month we closed our funding round, exactly 10 months after we set out to raise some capital. And if you are still wondering, no we didn't raise any capital. So why are we closing the round then? Shouldn't we just keep going? Yes you are right, that is always an option, I mean we still have some very interesting conversations in the pipeline, but instead, we have decided to put a pin on it, and do something different, something a bit more realistic, something like bringing the attention back to our customers' needs and delivering more value to them.

And this, finally brings me to what I intended to share with you today. The well-being of our customers is amongst our top priorities today. We are doing something different, something that has never been done before in our market and we want our customers to definitely count on us when we say farm-fresh produce, below the retail price delivered within minutes, is more than just a promise, it’s our general rule.

At Ayazona, we want to promote a life that is affordable, sustainable, mindful and meaningful. Our focus is on the quality, health and convenience of our customers and our technology offer a reliable alternative, especially for low-income households.

Here onwards, our primary focus is on building a vertically integrated supply chain that allows for food to get from farm or manufacturer to table in just four days or less—this usually takes ten days for regular markets. With a shorter supply chain, the nutritional value of our products is optimized. That means fresher, affordable, healthier food and high-quality household essentials. Can you imagine getting grade A produce and still paying a very affordable price for it?

Our path to creating a positive impact for our people and the planet has just started. It’s our ongoing mantra, our way of life, and we want to keep it that way—fresh, fast and reliable well into the future! And this is what we want to deeply focus and put our resources on.

The one thing that gets me up each morning, is the idea of making an impact in a family that I may never meet in person. It is why I have never thought of giving up, not even remotely.

I hope you've found my thought process on this article inspiring enough to make you want to do something impactful to a total stranger, or simply enough to want to come dance in the rain with us. 😀🙌

Watch this space for our progress. Let's go beyond!

Thank you

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