How Does Ayazona Work for Restaurants?

Jul 2, 2021 • 2 MIN READ

As a local restaurant owner, you may have many questions to consider when partnering with a technology platform like Ayazona  — from updating your menu to purchasing takeout containers to snappy food photos.

In this article, we’ll explore the journey of Ayazona in order to highlight how Ayazona works for restaurants.

How do customers place Ayazona orders?

When a customer is planning for their meals and has made a decision to place a delivery order, they can browse restaurants on or the Ayazona app. Customers can search for their favourite restaurants, or filter restaurants by cuisine, location, delivery times, promotions and more.

Once the customer chooses a restaurant, they place their order, pay for it right in the app and receive an estimated delivery time. That’s when restaurants receive the order via their chosen order protocol.

How do restaurants receive Ayazona orders?

The ordering channel is the way that restaurants receive orders from a technology partner like Ayazona. Restaurants can choose to receive orders on the device of their choice to maximize their off-premise efficiency. At Ayazona, restaurants currently have two options for their order channels:

Option 1: Use a tablet

If you have your own Android tablet, you can download the Ayazona Order Manager app — our all-in-one tool for receiving, organizing, and tracking pickup and delivery orders. Ayazona can also provide a tablet for you for a small fee. Just order it by contacting support.

With the Order Manager app, restaurant managers can adjust prices and menu items in real-time, including deactivating (and reactivating) specific items that are out of stock. The Order Manager app also helps restaurant managers coordinate with our Fleet, prepare for large scheduled orders, and contact both the customer and Ayazona support.

Be sure your tablet volume is on loud and the tablet is placed somewhere that is easily accessible by staff. When a customer places an Ayazona order, you will receive a notification on the Order Manager app allowing you to quickly and efficiently process orders.

  1. How much does using a tablet cost?: Restaurants can choose to download the Order Manager app on their own Android tablet or use the Ayazona tablet with the Order Manager app pre-installed for KES 7,000.
  2. Why we recommend the tablet: Ayazona highly recommends the tablet order channel option to help maximize efficiency and streamline delivery operations. With the tablet and Order Manager app, restaurants can view which orders are in each prep stage, tag scheduled or large orders, and get a large map with clear Fleet location information.

Option 2: Receive Ayazona orders via the web portal

Restaurant owners can also choose to process all of their Ayazona orders via the dedicated web portal. This option includes keeping a close eye on the dashboard so you don’t miss any orders. We recommend you only choose this option (which is free for restaurants) if you keep a computer near your register.

Delivery, simplified

You don’t need a complete overhaul of your restaurant when it comes to delivery — that’s why Ayazona offers a variety of channels to seamlessly integrate with the technology, supplies, and staff you already have. If you’ve been waiting to get on board, now is the time to try out Ayazona and see its positive impact on your business.

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