How to Run Your Restaurant During COVID: 3 Best Practices

Jun 20, 2021 • 3 MIN READ

Ayazona is committed to supporting local food businesses, and we wanna take this opportunity to share a few major tips that will help your business:

  • Grow your business in the current environment
  • Work with 3rd-party services without paying big fees
  • Successfully offer takeaway dining options

Sound good? Let’s dive in.

1. Offering digital pre-ordering is a new normal

As social distancing measures are now mandatory, dine-in is not allowed at the moment, limiting your business to delivery and pickup options, takeout is now the ‘new dine-in.’

Even though restaurants are allowed to serve takeaway meals, they have to follow precautionary measures laid out by the government to guarantee the safety of customers, staff and the general public to help lift the wait on our health systems.

With that in mind, restaurants should enable Digital Pre-Ordering for diners who are planning to visit, as well as Contactless On-Site Ordering for customers in-store. This will minimize lines, person-to-person interaction, and the amount of time spent in the restaurant.

2. Keep your margins healthy when working with 3rd-parties

Ordering online has become the new norm. Today, instead of regular dining out routine, diners go to restaurant websites before visiting and use online ordering services listed there.

That’s why we highly recommend doing these two things on your website:

  • List commission-free and low-commission local digital ordering platforms as your primary options for visitors to pre-order at your restaurant
  • Put costly delivery services separately from your options, or remove expensive platforms from your website completely

Most delivery apps charge high commissions on each order (25%-40%), eating away all your profits. Directing website visitors to low commission options will allow your customers to order your food online, while you still keep your margins healthy.

Enable the Ayazona ordering option on your website. Ayazona is a local low-commission digital ordering solution for both your online and in-store visitors. Unlike expensive 3rd-party services, we offer:

  • 0% Commission on your existing customers for a lifetime
  • We offer more options for partnerships to allow your business to gain more discovery and reach more local audiences

Here’s how it works: the diner will visit your website(don't have one, we have a solution for that) and place an online order through Ayazona. You will receive the order without paying any commission fees.

When the same customer uses Ayazona again in the future, their orders will be commission-free for you. This is valid on all orders placed through our platform, including the Ayazona app.

Additionally, we are providing more alternative options for each business. We understand that businesses are different, have had different experiences with the pandemic, so we treat each, individually.

Reopening for dine-in? Increase table turns. With the new guidelines limiting how many hours you can operate, sales turnover becomes vital to maximize your daily sales.

Ayazona’s unique feature of pre-ordering a takeout meal reduces the time your guests spend inside the restaurant. That means more customers can be served hourly and business can generate more profit.

This is achieved by ordering, paying, and tipping ahead of time to ensure that the food is ready upon arrival, plus there’s no need to wait for the payment processing.

3. Consider adding curbside pickup

Offering curbside pickup is a great way to keep everyone safer during this difficult time. It’s an efficient takeout solution that allows diners not to enter the restaurant.

Curbside pickup is a handy option and can be a game-changer for your business— they don’t have to enter the restaurant to get the food. On the other hand, your restaurant can complete more orders daily without the need for additional staff.

Restaurants interested to be on our platform can Sign up and get started today so you’re set to run your business more effectively and safely, no matter what health regulations come your way.

Why your food business should be on Ayazona

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