How to reach more restaurant customers with your own boda riders

Jun 30, 2021 • 1 MIN READ

Do you have your own delivery bodaboda riders? Now it is possible to reach more local customers by delivering your own Ayazona orders. With Ayazona Self-Delivery Service, you'll enjoy a reduced commission rate and create more demand without changing your current operations.

How does it work?

With the Ayazona Self-Delivery Service, you just need to tell us basic information about your business, including your preferred delivery fee and zones. Once your account is activated, Ayazona customers can browse your menu on the web/app and start placing orders. Finally, prepare your restaurant for new Ayazona orders and start delivering them to customers.

Some of the key benefits of this program

  1. With Ayazona Self-Delivery, you'll increase sales and reach new customers in your area by listing your restaurant on the Ayazona app.
  2. Get to enjoy all the benefits of using the Ayazona platform while using your own in-house delivery bodaboda riders to fulfil orders.
  3. Get to access a lower commission rate for self-delivery services than orders fulfilled by our fleet. Collect the order value plus delivery fees and tips.

The Ayazona Self-Delivery Service is available in any city within these countries with supported currencies, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Ghana, Rwanda and Nigeria.

How Self-Delivery on Ayazona Works: Growing Sales with Your Own Drivers • Ayazona
Now, restaurants with their own in-house drivers can reach new customers and grow sales by joining Ayazona through Ayazona Self Delivery Service.

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