Introducing: Food Rescue

Feb 23, 2020 • 1 MIN READ

Today, we’re excited to introduce one key feature of Ayazona Ignite: Food Rescue.

Inspired by Karma app, we’ve incorporated food rescue right inside our platform. It’s the easiest way to rescue food that would normally end up in the waste bins.

Food waste simply refers to any edible food that ends up in a bin. It can be thrown away by farms, shops, restaurants, or at home. Food waste also happens as a result of industry standards. — Karma

Whether you’re just low on budget, or just looking to help rescue surplus food from grocery stores, just install the app or update your app and start rescuing food.(Our web team is working so hard to bring this feature to the web soon)

Ayazona shares a similar vision for a sustainable Africa; ensuring that great food is never wasted leading the shift towards a more sustainable African society, with the belief that we’re stronger together. If everyone takes small steps in tackling this issue, we can make a meaningful difference for the future!

Here’s how it works

Open Ayazona, tap the Ignite icon to start rescuing food in your location.

We work closely with our partner merchants to make available surplus food that would normally end up in waste bins.

Rescue it. Track it. Enjoy it.

When you rescue food, the rest of the flow is similar to a regular order. You’ll be able to checkout normally, seat back and watch as we bring you the food‘🍕🎉🍔’

A Better Tomorrow

It’s challenging for businesses to estimate the daily or weekly consumption patterns of their customers.
As long as the food industry has waste, we need to join forces with Karma.

Give it a try and join the zero food wastes generation.

To learn more about the amazing job Karma(Swedish startup) is doing, check them out here

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