The NEXT version of Ayazona experience is here

Dec 1, 2020 • 4 MIN READ

A few weeks back, we shared a teaser of the new improvements coming to Ayazona touching on seamless user experiences. Well, it's finally here. We’re more than excited to release this version featuring a seamless experience on Ayazona, making it faster and easier for you to access affordable food, groceries, and essential items.

We’re sporting the new experience with a focus on convenience, speed, and accessibility.

Fancy a quick tour?

Explore restaurants with a lightning fast improved layout

When you’re hungry, waiting in line, or for a page to load is the last thing you wanna do, so we made sure to make it easy and quick to get to the best affordable restaurants near you. Depending on your location and time of the day, you will always see places that are ready to take your order and serve you right away.

Quickly reach that dish.

Craving a specific dish? You can now use the search with enhanced automated filtering to find that chips masala with a side of choma sausage. Plus, you can search for anything, anywhere, say you are looking for a burger in South B, simply search “Burger South B…”, its that excitingly simple.

Improved menus and item descriptions

We’ve improved the menu page experiences to help you get to the menu sections that you need as fast. Starters, sides, main meal, drinks, custom, and more — find that menu item without wasting extra minutes.

And hey, it’s okay not to know the world dishes from A to Z. We describe each menu item more thoroughly so you always know what you’re ordering with detailed shots where possible.

Essentials and Fresh Items

You didn’t see this coming, or maybe you did, but we’ve been testing and building home essentials and fresh ordering on Ayazona.

Have you ever ordered home essentials and groceries online? Well this is gonna be a whole lot different. What’s unique about it? When and where can you access it? and How can you make the most out of it? We are dedicating a whole post on this, so stay tuned.

Order tracking

Now you can track your order from the second you send it to the moment it’s ready. Plus, to keep the whole process more transparent, we’ll send you status updates so you know when the restaurant starts preparing the order, with an accurate order ready time. (updates on this will be rolling out through the week)

Still building with you in mind

With over 39% of households still facing severe inadequate access to food in cities across Africa, and up-to 49% of households not getting diversity in their diets, leading to deficiency diseases and poor growth, Ayazona has made it it’s core mission to change that.

We started by empowering our local communities especially from the low-income households to discover the most affordable food, groceries and essential items, place an order, and have it delivered at the lowest possible cost, while ensuring 0% food waste and 100% accessibility. But, that's just the start, there is more more you and I can do, to make the dream of universal access to food and essentials for everyone come true.

So thank you for being part of Ayazona and for all your feedback. We are constantly improving our service to make the experience better as it is affordable.

Time to get the experience

Home Essentials Delivery Near Me• Ayazona
Do You Need Home Essentials Delivered? Order online from Ayazona Home Essentials within your area and get groceries and essential items delivered to your door.
PSST... Are there techies in the building....? Well we are all techies here and we have the fun part coming up, with more interesting details on our build process. But here is a teaser, we rebuilt the new web version on NextJS... watch out for our technical post coming up....

Keep safe by wearing a mask.

We have new opportunities

New Opportunities at Ayazona • Ayazona
We are looking for talented, self-driven individuals to join our team and help us achieve our mission(Make Access to Food Affordable for Everyone).

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