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Apr 29, 2021 • 3 MIN READ

Since the beginning, we have been passionate about building fantastic customer experiences and thinking of new radical use of technology and data to create the tomorrow's food and grocery shopping experience. We are just getting started, and we are positioning ourselves to be a strong Product & Tech professional environment with a unique culture. But, this is just the beginning.

We are a tech startup, and these are some of what we have built and are building on - and several unique challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. We hope you will join us in solving them!

Effective customer solutions

Ayazona is an entirely new and personal shopping experience that creates flow in the everyday lives of middle and low-income families. With everything from your daily meal needs to medical and household essentials, we are setting a market leadership path.

Unique opportunities ahead:

No time spent on weekly grocery shopping: How do we solve it? We believe it is, among other things, efficiency and our ability to design a seamless form of personalized interactions with the customer that flows almost imperceptibly through a busy week.
Imperceptible interaction: This is about doing away with the trade without thinking about it. Not just because it's fast and intuitive, but because we're available everywhere.
Outstanding inspiration. Present at the right time and moment with the necessary motivation, everything from the everyday needs and special dinners to how to live healthier, cheaper, better and easier. This is the area where great content meets accurate algorithms.

Logistics and operations

With in-house developed logistics solutions for sales tracking, pickups and inventory management tailored for digital grocery, household and medical essentials shopping, we have built something unique in a global context. Moreover, a tailor-made and modern base gives us opportunities that large legacy store systems lack.

Unique opportunities ahead:

Optimal inventory and operational capacity: By controlling data at all levels, we have unique prerequisites for predicting sales volume and delivery needs. We will ensure almost perfect capacity in product picking and distribution, but it requires tools and machine learning the world has never seen before.
Africa's most reliable and efficient grocery shopping: Few, if any, in the world have managed to create an effective model for this. We are on track and think the future solution consists of fantastic people, new processes, unique algorithms, a lot of data, machine learning, robots, tech development with operations at the core and a myriad of iterations.


With hundreds of deliveries and growing amounts of data, we believe that we can create a fantastic delivery experience that is also efficient and environmentally friendly. We have developed a tailored logistics system with algorithmic route planning to have an overview of a large number of fleet and thousands of customers.

Unique opportunities ahead:

An optimal distribution network: We want to build the most customer-friendly and efficient distribution network for goods. We will be at the forefront of new technology such as automated delivery and pickup solutions that do not require you to be at home to get delivery.

Data and insight

Unique opportunities ahead:

Become even more data-driven: Now, it's about predicting demand, running targeted experiments along the entire value chain, and building an enabling data culture.
To work purposefully while remaining focused: Through good product analysis, data science and qualitative research such as user testing, enabling us to choose what we should build from what we can create. In other words, it's about an effective product management.


Our scalable data platform and infrastructure are based on modern open source technology (PHP, Python, React, Angular, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Linux), with automated processes for testing, deploying and monitoring. In addition, we have a good DevOps culture and a pragmatic approach to on-premise vs cloud (AWS, Google Cloud Platform and BigQuery).

Unique opportunities ahead:

Scalable infrastructure: We have grand ambitions for our technical infrastructure, and with solid growth, we must constantly scale up the infrastructure on which we build our digital services. We aim for 100% availability infrastructure and automation of everything that can be automated.

This is where we are headed.

Building intuitive products and scalable technology that responds to needs and autoscales cannot be done by one developer or designer. In Product & Tech, we have five subject areas where we plan for sound professional development while working in everyday interdisciplinary teams with substantial and complex problems.

  • Software Engineering
  • Infrastructure & IT
  • Data Science & Analytics
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