Susan joins Ayazona as Head of Key Accounts

Jul 7, 2021 • 2 MIN READ

We’re excited to announce that we just welcomed Susan Muriithi to Ayazona as our first-ever Head of Key Accounts. In her new role, Susan will lead, manage and launch processes for new partners joining the Ayazona marketplace, overseeing initial onboarding, setup, marketing, PR, and operations.

Early on, working with local agencies, Susan managed key accounts from some of the renowned brands in Kenya and beyond, like Coca Cola, Safaricom, KCB, and EABL. She led and oversaw the client service and operations departments, she also had the opportunity to work hand in hand with the finance departments to ensure that budgets were managed per allocation. Developed, planned and implemented commercial plans and strategies. Performed market research and analyze threats and opportunities for potential clients.

More recently Susan developed, managed and maintained strong relationships/partnerships with universities in line with the Qwetu Student Residences strategic objectives to maximize sales opportunities.

We sat down with Susan to chat about strategic relationship building, establishing key processes, and building out a sustainable organization. Check out the interview:

You’ve got a long career that spans some of the biggest brands — what are some of the key learnings you’ve gained from each?

Teamwork is essential. The idea of never giving up especially when building a community impact-driven product is critical, it is important to understand its true value, which helps sell the brand and is not hard to convince a customer to trust you with their money.

Why did you make the jump to Ayazona? After interviewing with the team, did anything surprise you?

A great new opportunity to work in the tech industry; since this is where the world is headed, and in some cases, we have to move with the times. Bringing my FMCG skills into play and implementing those skills in sync with Ayazona's key objectives.

Surprises – The diverse team that works with Ayazona, coming together and creating a local App (Kudos to that). Considering the target audience is the lower-income households; is key to Ayazona's vision and mission. A diverse team that works from all over Africa, working to achieve one goal together. For me, learning new artifices in technology, moving with the times, enhancing my expertise and contributing to the growth of Ayazona.

What qualities do you look for in a Strategic Partner?

When looking for a strategic partner, I look at a partner who is loyal and committed to Ayazona; ready and willing to walk the journey together to achieve our core objectives and growing as a team. In the past, I have seen that building trust between two parties grows the relationship, the brand and there is trust and thus, the sky is the limit!

It’s week two — what big project are you excited to tackle?

First and foremost is to understand the Ayazona business model, the clientele demographics and each of their unique needs. With my client service knowledge, I will take a deep dive to understand what makes them tick and why Ayazona would be the partner to invest in.

Lastly, what’s always in your cart?

With two men at home, it’s a combination of what a mum would call "essential food” — large bread, milk, a tray of eggs, yoghurt, and more … along with some treats like ice cream, cookies and chocolates!

Want to work with Susan? Check out our careers page to see our openings.

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