The Therapy of Cooking your Meals

Jul 7, 2021 • 2 MIN READ

Cooking your meals at the end of the day is one of the activities that will effectively relax and calm you. When the sun has set, the busy day is done, and you are back into the warmth of your home. When you've just had a refreshing shower (the fresh scent of Geisha still lingering in the air) and slipped into your comfy home clothes and fluffy white sandals. Your favourite playlist is soft in the background. What better way to relax your mind than to focus on following a favourite recipe?

You decide the meal you want to prepare, you decide on the ingredients you want to use and the quantity you will use them. As you wash and chop, as you measure and mix, the exhaustion of your busy day fades away. Your mind is now at the present moment. It's the unfortunate fact of life that most times we mechanically drift through our daily activities without acknowledging our essence; we wake up, dress up, report to work, and if we get time, grab a bite. But, at this moment, as your hands reach for the spoon, you are aware of your being; that you're alive, and fresh and cooking your favourite meal.

It is this therapeutic effect of cooking, its power to focus our mind and force us to take control of the moment we're in, that has made researchers recommend it as a remedy for exhaustion, depression and other mental conditions. Not only does cooking relax you, but it also gives you the chance to control what you eat. This leads to a healthier lifestyle, which in turn improves your general happiness and outlook on life. Although it is hard to notice, cooking your meals also has far-reaching effects on the environment since it curbs food wastage. (A problem that we, at Ayazona, are actively tackling through our ignite program. )

To harness the full therapeutic effect of cooking, it's time you start being intentional with the process. Allow yourself to completely immerse in the preparation; listen to the clunk of the board as you chop, the sizzle of the onions in hot oil, and the bubble of the thick soup. When the demands of the day have taken a toll on you; when the noisy confusion of the outside world threatens to crack your skull with a throbbing headache, let cooking be your therapy.

Not sure which recipe to try out? We've curated a list that will allow you to unleash your creativity in the kitchen. Check the out here.

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