Why your kitchen should be on Ayazona

May 30, 2022 • 3 MIN READ

Ayazona is committed to supporting small local kitchens, and we want to take a moment to tell you more about how you can get started, and what we do to get your small local kitchen more orders and customers.

We know and understand the importance of getting more orders and customers, especially using the tools that are built to help grow your business.

To help your local business through these delicate times, we give you access to tools & data, which you can use to better understand how your business is performing, and run your own promotions and target the right customer.

As a part of sustainability initiatives, we’re helping you minimize the losses and wastes your business may experience. Through the Ignite Labs program, we will help you rescue unsold meals at a discount. This will directly go into supporting our customers who are short on funds while putting something back into your sales helping us build a sustainable community.

What is Ayazona?

Simply put, we’re a startup in Kenya helping low-income households get affordable access to food, groceries, and home essentials while ensuring 0% of food waste.

Right now, we’re growing fast to reach more households while helping small local restaurants like yours adapt quickly to the digital market by getting your business more orders and customers.

Partner with Ayazona
Grow your business and increase your reach by partnering with Ayazona. Connect with new local customers, boost your digital presence, and receive orders your way.

Ayazona Partnership Benefits Include:

  • Data to scale your business.
  • 0% Commission on existing customers for a lifetime
  • No signup/cancellation/monthly fees
  • Never throw away unsold food ever again, we help you channel it to the right households that need it.
  • One of the lowest commissions on the market to access Ayazona platform customers, local households, and corporate dinners.

Free Marketing

We’re investing in marketing to get our partner restaurants more orders and customers:

  • Daily discounts for all pick up orders placed at your restaurants via Ayazona
  • Active promotion to our customer base via social media, e-blast, push, and SMS
  • Press announcement opportunity
  • Unique customized in-app experiences tailored to your locations when customers use the Ayazona app to pick up food from your premises
  • Unique marketing URL for your restaurant that helps you understand your existing customers and capture more valuable customers in your local area and beyond.
  • A unique opportunity to be part of the local community-driven businesses making it possible for low-income households to access decent food and basic needs.

We’ll work together to make sure our partnership is successful, with continued guidance from our team.

Sound good? Head over to our Sign Up Page on Our Website to get started today.

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