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We're working everyday to expand our reach, so stay tuned as we are on our way to deliver quality, and affordability. You can help bring Ayazona to your neighbourhood.

Arusha affordable local fresh food and grocery delivery.

Get food delivery, grocery delivery, home essentials delivery, and drinks delivery or takeout around Arusha from our local distribution centers, cafes, grocery stores, and bakeries. Life is too short for bad food—therefore, we’d never compromise on our produce’s quality. Changing the access to essential needs, we are also on a mission to lead the change for more conscious and sustainable consumption. Having on-demand access to groceries means that 1) storing food is a thing of the past which drastically reduces food waste and 2) we can set new standards of freshness when it comes to what we eat. Local farmers help us provide the freshest produce and ensure short supply chains while supporting local communities. Being the most affordable and the first local delivery app, we are on a mission to make it affordable for low-income households to access food and basic home essentials.

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