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We built Ignite Labs to amplify our positive impact on the people and merchants that we work with everyday. We believe in the importance of unlocking all the good our communities inherently possess while uncovering innovative solutions to everyday problems.

Together, we can be a force for change.

Our Mission

To positively impact our neighborhoods through making access to food and essential items affordable for everyone while ensuring 0% food wastes.

How We Are Giving Back

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Eliminating Food Waste

The simple truth is that access to healthy, nutritious food on a regular basis is currently not possible for more than 90% of Africans. And we believe that access to healthy food should be a universal right, not a privilege.

Wasted food is the single biggest occupant in the landfills. With so much excess food going to the wrong places, we are joining Karma and built a first of its kind product that allows our restaurant partners to utilize the Ayazona platform to make available any excess food to middle to low income households at half the cost. This ensures not only a zero-waste solution, but a sustainable loop.

100+Food Units Rescued
20+Special Partners

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