Chickpea curry with coconut rice

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5 min preparation

Yet another Indian-inspired curry with lots of flavor and texture. Eggplant gives its full flavor without adding too much flavor, and the chickpeas give you something good to bite into. Serve with a bowl of coconut rice topped with parsley.


  1. 300g of Basmati long grain rice
  2. 1 pc yellow onion
  3. 2 large fresh garlic
  4. 280g of sun-dried tomatoes in oil
  5. 1pc eggplant
  6. 2tbsp of red curry paste
  7. 400g of chopped tomatoes
  8. 600g of chickpeas
  9. 1 tbsp of sea salt
  10. 250g of coconut milk
  11. 100g of coconut flakes
  12. 10g of parsley leaves


  1. Boil the rice according to the instructions on the package.
  2. Finely chop the onion and garlic, and mix with the oil together with the sun-dried tomatoes in a deep frying pan. Heat on medium heat, making sure that the onion does not turn brown.
  3. Wash, clean and dice the eggplant.
  4. Add the curry to the pan. Fry for 2 minutes before adding the eggplant cubes, canned tomatoes and sun-dried tomatoes. Add water to the chickpeas to mix well together.
  5. Cook on low heat for approx. 15 minutes. Season with salt and possibly more curry towards the end.
  6. When the rice is done, remove the lid on the pan and steam it completely dry before adding coconut milk and coconut flakes. Stir well.

    Serve chickpea curry with coconut rice. Top with coarsely chopped parsley.

Tips from the chefs:

- When everything is in the pot, the dish does itself. The more time you give it at low temperature, the more the flavor will develop. This makes it a super dish to heat up and have as leftover food. This dish can also be eaten cold.

- Eggplant quickly turns brown when it is cut up. Therefore, it is important that it goes straight into the pot when it is ready. If it is to stand for more than 3-4 minutes, you can give it a few drops of lemon and turn inside out.

Ksh 000
per serving

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